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Angela Kerslake Law Corp.

Exclusive in

Family Law

Introducing our law firm

Introducing Our

Law Firm

Located in the historic Galbraith Manor of New Westminster, B.C. Angela Kerslake Law Corp. specializes in Family Law servicing  clients across the Lower Mainland. Every client receives dedicated attention and professional services.

We provide services in all areas of Family Law including:

Divorce                                         Separation

Negotiations                                 Spousal Support                          Child Support                                Guardianship                                Restraining Orders                       Custody Agreements

Property Division                          Exit Strategies

Specializing in: Family Law

Family Law

Couples must make decisions at separation or divorce.  If you have children, you need to decide how you are going to parent apart and how the child will be supported.  You also need to decide if one spouse will need financial support and how your property will be divided. Angela Kerslake Law Corp is here to guide you before you make any final decisions about your family law disputes.

Child Support

The law says the parent or guardian the children live with most of the time is entitled to receive child support from the other parent or guardian.  If the children spend equal or almost equal time with both parents or guardians, the person with the higher income usually has to pay child support.

Property Division

If you and your spouse separate, the law says that all of the family property and family debts have to be divided equally between the two of you, unless you make a different agreement.  If you and your spouse have made an agreement about property and debt, you'll divide everything the way you agreed in the agreement. 

Angela Kerslake


131 Eighth Street, New Westminster, B.C.

604 520-6276 

fax 604 520-5765

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