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Angela Kerslake Law Corp. Client Testimonials


3 weeks ago-

Found out about Angela through the BC Lawyer referral service and I am happy and consider myself lucky to have been forwarded to her office. She displays this calm and professional demeanor/approach that you would feel very comfortable with discussing all your concerns and issues. She would give a reality check of your current situation and would consider, look and discuss at all angles and possibilities that would affect the outcome of your case. Janice, her secretary, has been very attentive to my inquiries and I feel assured things will get worked on during times that Angela is unavailable. This firm would give you a very detailed summary of cost so you could take account of where your money is going. I could very well say she has vast experience in Family Law and would give a very high recommendation.

Norma R.

I can't say enough good things about Angela - she is an amazing, compassionate lawyer. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone going through a divorce. She was there every step of the way, always giving me support and guidance. In court appearances she was always very professional, respectful and knowledgeable. Angela always replied to my questions immediately (even while out of the country on vacation) and always kept me informed and up to date on what was happening. I found her to always be very organized, prepared and on time for all my appointments. I would like to thank Janice for being an amazing assistant who was always ready to help out and offer kind words and support. After years of delays by the other side, Angela was finally able to secure a fair settlement which allowed me to keep my home, . Thanks to Angela, my family and I can finally move on with our lives. Angela and Janice, I thank you both for everything, especially the support and kindness you gave me over the years.

Russell P.

3 years ago-

Just a note to say how impressed I was with Angela. Right from the start she was clear in costs and the process.
I found her calm demeanor reassuring, and calming. She listened to my information intently and let me clarify or asked questions as we went along to clarify.
I thought that moving forward I would not have an idea on how to do so but she often gave me several approaches always indicating to me I was the driver. She also explained that although we all wish one thing the law may dictate another.
I found her so much in control it built some much needed confidence to continue with the process.
She often stated that possible '"working it out" was better than going for the court process.
I will continue to use her services when needed in the future.

Lesley F

3 years ago-

I used Angela for my divorce and for custody issues that became ongoing with my son. I was immediately impressed by Angela's knowledge of law and her understanding of my case. I was treated with the utmost respect . My calls were returned promptly and her fees were discussed with total transparency. Supreme Court can be a lonely scary place and with Angela's guidance and advice the out come was better than expected. I have the highest regard for Angela, this lawyer really knows her stuff! Katie is a confident, hard working articling student and a true assist to the team. A special shout out to Janice, her assistant and the rock of the office! Never retire Angela!

Ashleigh F.

3 years ago-

I worked with Angela and her associates during my divorce. I felt very comfortable in her office and felt she was very knowledgeable in the laws that were relevant to my situation. She was very considerate and helpful even when I would break down in tears in front of everyone. When I didn't understand something she took the time to make sure I understood everything going on. She always answered my questions in a timely manner and also kept me informed with everything happening as they were happening. The communication between us was always exceptional. I will more definitely be using Angela's services in the future as needed.

Dave W.

3 years ago-

Angela Kerslake's personal/professional integrity are unparalleled and beyond reproach. Her commitment to and compassion for her clients is exceptional as she guides them through often troubling issues in family law. These are usually emotional times for her clients, who's expectations may not always be reasonable. To address and allay these expectations Angela and her staff communicate in a forthright and honest manner based on years of experience in family law. The usual result is her clients go away with a realistic picture of what can truly be expected.

I offer my highest recommendation for Angela Kerslake and her staff for matters relating to Family Law.




  I cannot say enough about the manner in which Angela Kerslake represented me. Her ethics and professionalism are communicated in everything she says and does. Angela's assistant Janice is a warm and caring human being. At the conclusion of two contentious court cases, Federal and Provincial, I was so grateful that I could walk away knowing that I had the support to do the very best that I could in the very best possible way. I am very enthusiastic about recommending Angela Kerslake. You could not have a better lawyer - or a better person - in your corner!


  Angela provided caring and professional services to guide me through the divorce proceedings!


  I don't usually write reviews but Angela is an awesome lawyer. She's knowledgable, experienced, efficient, kind and passionate. I appreciated Angela and her assistant Janis very much for their professionalism and patient with my case. Also grateful for offering discounts. I will highly recommend Angela to anyone who needs a good divorce lawyer.


  I worked with Angela for 18 months to complete my divorce settlement. She had to navigate some pretty emotional game playing from my ex and throughout it all she stayed focused on what is fair and kept the law in mind. She worked to be efficient in our meetings to save me legal costs and offered discounts whenever possible. One thing that impressed me was in court, when the judge said to Angela "it's not looking good for your side"; Angela was able to stay collected and shift her argument without hesitation or even the hint of stammering. Her ability to think on her feet was so valuable to me as I was working hard not to be jarred or upset by the emotional mud slinging. I really appreciated having Angela's calm, rational, well-informed partnership in my corner. She came recommended to me and I have also recommended her to a family member who is now working with her as well. Angela is calm, knowledgeable and steadfast in her resolve.


  Angela Kerslake representing my interests in a divorce settlement and a civil litigation, for over 5 years. Her competence, diligence and professionalism contributed to the success of these actions. I later came to know several other clients who afforded her the highest of praise in her handling of their actions. Her positive and excellent reputation in the New Westminster legal community is apparent when you work with her, her relationships with other business associates in the community is well-known and her ability to empathize with clients' needs allows her to achieve the best possible results given the complexities of the court system and the many emotional demands of her clients. I wish Ms. Kerslake much continued success as I know she continues to represent her clients in an ethical and professional manner, to positively impact her clients' situations and to continue to seek the highest standard of justice on their behalf.

Jordan S

3 years ago-

If you have never gone thru the courts for a divorce or chasing a dead beat dad, let me tell you it can be a very hard and emotional experience.
I am very Happy and Delighted to tell you about ,Angela Kerslake Law firm and Staff.
Chasing after my ex-husband (who is a dead beat dad), for child support and trying my hardest to support and raise a mentally ill son who is suicidal on my own is the hardest thing I have had to do in my life.

Angela Kerslake has been "God Sent"
not only fighting for me and my sons behalf but "WINNING" our rights.

Angela and her staff were there for me thru all the emotional up's and down's that the court process entails. Angela does her best for everybody.

I am very proud and happy to say i would recommend Angela Kerslake Law Firm in New Westminster to anyone who is in need of help.
I give her "5 stars" and "Two thumbs up"

Angela Kerslake Family Law Corp.             

Telephone: 604 520-6276       

Fax: 604 520-5765

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